Monday, May 11, 2009

TIME TO REAP, by Fred D. Jarvis

I found this poem in an old missions newsletter about Indonesia. It was tucked away in an old Bible. I have decided that the poem has a message that needs to be shared. It challenged me- it challenges all Christians-to share the gospel, the good news of Christ.
Does anyone know anything about the author Fred D. Jarvis, where he lived and when he wrote this?


Now is the time to rise and reap,
The fields are harvest white;
This is the hour, I now repeat,
To spread the Gospel light.

This is the hour to give and work
Until the war is won;
O let us not our duty shirk
Before it is done.

The entire world is Christ's domain,
Yet heathen millions wait;
Let's quickly reap the golden grain
Before it is too late.

We must not let that harvest field
Grow ripe, then rot and die;
Our hearts must heed their strong appeals,
O let us then the sickle wield,
It's murder by neglect.

We dare not pass them by.
Of all the wrongs that we commit,
Perhaps our worst defect,
Is damning souls while we just sit,

It's time to call a halt, dear friend,
It's time to pray and weep;
The sheaves must quickly be brought in;
It's time for us to reap!

...Fred D. Jarvis


Anonymous said...

I just read about this remarkable man here.
He started New Life League.


Anonymous said...

Sir My name is Erik Gomez and I go to church with his widow. Mrs. Clara Jarvis here in San Juan, TX.
My e-mail is

She is always reading us poems and she is still working for the Lord. If you want to contact her just send me an email.

Erik Gomez