Monday, May 11, 2009

Answers to Quiz on English Language and Early American Bibles

I am posting answers to yesterday's Quiz on English Language and Early American Bibles, with yesterday's quiz questions immediately following, for your easy reference.

1. d) hundreds
2. King Alfred
3. John Wyclif
4. William Tyndale
5. Myles Coverdale
6. King James Version
7. Geneva Bible
8. King James Bible
9. New International Version
10. Algonquin (Native American) language / John Elliot- missionary to the Algonquins
11. German language
12. English language

1. How many English translations of the Bible and the New Testament have been completed over the centuries? a) about a dozen b) about a score or 20 c) about a hundred d) hundreds

2. Who was the great 10th century King of England who translated some of the Psalms into English and is considered by many scholars to have been early England's greatest King?

3. Who, with the help of some others, completed by hand, in 1382, the first English translation of the Bible?

4. Who in 1526 completed, and had published, the first printed English version of any part of the Bible?

5. Who in 1535 finished the first complete printed English Bible?

6. What English Bible, published in 1611, became the best selling book of all time and remained the best selling English Bible in annual sales until the 1980's?

7. What version of the Engish Bible inspired John Bunyan as he wrote Pilgrim's Progress?

8. What English Bible went through 236 editions between 1660 and 1710?

9. What English translation or version of the Bible became the best-selling English Bible beginning in the 1980's?

10. In what language was the first full Bible translation done in America in 1663? What famous missionary did it?

11. In what language was the second full Bible translation in America done? It was printed in 1743 by Christopher Saur.

12. In America in 1782, the full Bible was done in yet a third language? What language was it?
(That particular Bible publication, completed in 1782 by Robert Aitken, was the only Bible publication ever authorized by the U.S. Congress.)



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