Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dump Soda for your health!

Soda pop ("liquid candy") is clearly linked to worsening childhood and adult obesity, as well as diabetes, trends. Now consumer groups on 5 continents are confronting the problem head on, with the "Dump Soda" campaign, launched in Sydney, Australia in October 2007.
The "Dump Soda" campaign includes:
1. Ask governments to require soda pop producers to stop advertising geared to children under 16 years old.
2. Ask government to tax soft drinks to fund fitness and nutrition programs.
3. Stop the sales of sweetened beverages in school.
4. Reduce portion sizes of soft drinks.
5. Push soft drink producers to market lower-sugar products.
Since "diet" sodas, containing sugar substitutes, have been linked to the Metabolic Syndrome (or "Syndrome X"-a pre-diabetic condition, which has risk to the heart), I would question number 5 above if it really means marketing more drinks containing sugar substitutes.
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Reference: World Watch (magazine), March/April 2008 issue.

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Kidskrill said...

By simply stopping our kids from drinking soda, we can help them improve their health. I think the best way to do is to train our kids to stay away from or from drinking soda Soda as early as we can.

Aside from Obesity, drinking soda is also linked to increased risk of the following conditions:

* Obesity
* Osteoporosis
* Tooth decay
* Heart disease